Women Who Tune In & Trust Divine Inspiration

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What is this book about?

Divinity Speaks: Women Who Tune In & Trust Divine Inspiration is a book about connection to a force so much greater than ourselves. This book serves as inspiration to find our own path and tune into our own form of communication with these cosmic forces; call it “God, Source, the Universe, Spirit” or anything else that resonates. 

There are many spiritual and metaphysical texts out there that speak about “messages from spirit” or “conversations with God” or  “an inner knowing”. This book explores true stories of what these undeniable feelings actually look like in a woman’s life. 

This book brings these metaphysical concepts that might feel esoteric and grounds them into reality through the act of sharing relatable stories and experiences.

Enjoy this beautiful collection of women’s stories as they traverse, navigate and connect with their own form of celestial connection and truly listen to the answers from within.


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Abigail Hinds

Abigail is the founder of Whale Womb Weaving, a business focused on nourishing the life-giving powers of the feminine body and soul. Abigail is a Feminine Wisdom Keeper, a Rainbow Medicine Weaver, and an Animal Kin Ambassador. 

Through ancient feminine nourishment practices, Abigail supports magically inclined wombed ones to embody their wild feminine roots, awaken their magical compass of intuition, and walk their unique path of soul, all through the temple of the body and rooted deeply in the wisdom ways of the earth. 

IG: @whalewombweaving

Website: www.whalewombweaving.com

AlyseMarie Gallagher Warren

AlyseMarie is a Master healer and the go-to spiritual sidekick” for high level leaders. She helps high achieving women that have created 6 & 7 figure businesses to create safe spaces to rest, heal and process their success.

AlyseMaries work is rooted in her connection to Mary Magdalene to provide intuitive guidance while her connection to Mother Gaia allows her to be the grounded, spiritual confidant. AlyseMarie is an Executive Chef in Chicago and lives in a cute eclectic bungalow with her artist husband, Spence, and their cat Kramer.

IG: @i.am.alysemarie


Amanda Rumore

Amanda is a Published Author, Speaker & Founder of The Publicity Collective. She uses her profound experiences in perseverance, spirituality as well as health and wellness to better cultivate her world. 

As a wife and mom, she beat incredible odds and survived a harrowing Traumatic Brain Injury.  After plummeting 40-feet from an Energy Vortex in the Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ, Amanda learned that energy is the foundation of life, and it can beautifully coincide with religions around the globe. 




Andrea Blindt

Andrea is a registered nurse, holistic health practitioner, four-time international best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and life and mindset coach who empowers others through her own personal healing journey.

She makes healing an inside job and guides her clients as they discover ways to strengthen their body, mind, and heart. This allows them to reclaim their power, advocate for what is in their best interest, and learn the tools needed to make decisions that are in alignment with their beliefs. Andrea believes that when people are informed, supported, and empowered they are better equipped to make health decisions.

IG: @andreablindt



AnneLisa Vallery

AnneLisa is a teens/youth advocate, keynote speaker, holistic wellness coach, doula and the founder and President of Causing Legacy. 

Through her service as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children and teens in the Los Angeles County foster care system, her relationships with her elders and her own healing journey,

Through Causing Legacy, she facilitates experiences that honor the elders’ wisdom and contribute to teens and youth by providing them with the tools and resources to heal, guidance to navigate the inner journey and support to discover who they are in the world. 

IG: @annelisavallery; @causinglegacy



Ashley Abramson

Ashley is a Mentor for Divorced Women. She mentors the raw woman after divorce to discover newfound confidence and joy by rebuilding her purpose-filled life from the ground up.

Her goal is to blend her wisdom and expertise on the impact of childhood trauma and her own experience to rebuild and heal after divorce. She uses a strengths-based approach to help women find their magically authentic selves after divorce.

Ashley believes that you are Divorced, not Destroyed and that every woman deserves to live her most magical life . Her podcast, The Unicorn Effect, provides the support for whatever sh*t is pulling you down that day. Ashley is also an international best-selling author.

IG: @ash_abramson


Brandy Knight

Brandy, the Esoteric Exorcist, is an Emotional Health Specialist, Accountability Coach, Kundalini Yogic Scientist, International best selling and award winning author, and fierce alpha female mama bear. Her mission in this life is to support those who have experienced trauma and or abuse and are not getting that “now my life has meaning and I am living my Destiny” experience from traditional psychotherapy and or psychiatry.

Brandy tells her clients like it is with a dose of crass humor and endless love.  Many that have worked with Brandy’s Emotional Alchemy and Accountability Coaching have experienced incredible results in lightning fast speed.  

IG: @innercaulling



Carol Louise Schoffmann

Carol is the founder of Your Inner Tranquility. She is an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Guide.

Carol helps her clients find peace, balance, purpose and joy in their everyday life. Clients love her signature “Mind, Body, Spirit Tune-Ups”, combining her knack for putting people at ease, space holding abilities and energy therapies.

She teaches her clients to celebrate what is uniquely beautiful about themselves and to embody the art of living authentically.

IG: @yourinnertranquility




Elisha Greenleaf

Elisha is the Founder of Bee the Glow. She helps entrepreneurial women break cycles of dis-ease and transform generational trauma. She guides women back to their Inner Goddess through Breathwork, The Emotion Code™, The Body Code™, Kundalini Yoga and all things woo! 

She lives by the motto, “You take out the garbage regularly so your house doesn’t stink! But when was the last time you dumped your subconscious garbage?”

She has helped 100’s of women since her diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis over 15 years ago as she guides them to reconnect with what they already have within themselves that they have forgotten over a lifetime of cultural programming.

IG: @beetheglow.breathwork


Emily Reimann

Emily is a licensed acupuncturist, healer, and spiritual channel.  She has been honing her skills in the alternative healthcare field for almost a decade, when she first became a certified yoga instructor.  She completed a number of trainings in energy healing prior to studying Chinese Medicine.  She uses her knowledge and intuition to create unique and personalized treatments.

Emily helps individuals who are looking to develop a more intimate connection with themselves in order to heal on a deep level.  She is gifted at integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual and is passionate about mental health as well as women’s health issues.  She also helps individuals shift their experience of pain, whether it be an acute or chronic condition.  She is an expert space holder with a kind and compassionate heart. 

IG: @naturalwellnesswithemily




Heather O'Neill 

Heather is the Owner of Heather O’Neill Inner Healing. She is an Energy Healer and Energy Alignment Coach. Heather is also an intuitive empath whose life mission embraces natural healing and raising the collective vibration.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, she moves clients into inner balance to facilitate mental, emotional & physical healing and general well-being. She works with clients both in person as well as virtually. As a coach, she specializes in working with empaths on understanding their sensitivity & energy field and practicing good energetic hygiene. Being an empath mentor, she guides her clients to see their emotional depth as a gift. Heather is also a certified hypnotist and Human Design practitioner.

Her podcast Conscious Conversations can be found on Rumble. She is passionate about being a mom, dancing, spending time in nature, meditation, love, laughter and conscious living in alignment with our Creator.

IG: @heather_oneill_inner_healing


Heather Robinson

Heather is a guide for conscious re-parenting, inner child healing, and mother wound healing. She is a mentor for women and mothers to expand in all aspects of life by teaching them how to cultivate an inner mother that embodies the spirit and unconditional love of the divine mother.

By prioritizing sacred self-care, embodiment, and conscious awareness, Heather empowers women with the tools they need to transform their limiting core beliefs and consistently show up for themselves with love. The integration of the divine mother supports women in evolving beyond the ancestral wounds and harmful family patterns and cycles that hold them back from their goals.

Her mission is to help women take their power back, reclaim their fierceness, become wildly confident and anchored in their truth, and access the unconditional love and freedom they’ve always desired by re-parenting their inner child and consciously choosing a different way.



Holly Buhler

Holly is a Soul-Aligned Success Coach and founder of The Confidence Academy. She helps purpose-driven women create soul & energy aligned businesses that are fulfilling & sustainable; while maintaining thriving personal lives.

To create this transformation, Holly blends her skills from over 20 years in the Health & Wellness industry. She also incorporates additional modalities including Human Design, Rapid Transformational Therapy , NLP/TIME Techniques, Akashic Records, The Life Coach School, and more into her work.

IG: @hollybuhlercoach





Jess Hoeper

Jess is a Social Worker, Reflective Coach, Mother, and Founder of Ray of Hope, LLC.  Jess works nationally with Human Service Professionals and Leaders, enhancing self-awareness and system-awareness through reflection (reflective coaching). 

Jess’s passion is curating curiosity and spending time in wonder.  Jess has recently added international best-selling author to her tagline, as she co-authored the books “Where Social Work Can Lead You” and “Success Codes: Secrets To Success You Weren’t Taught In School.”  She also participates in column writing and public speaking; her favorite topic is “unconditioning our love for each other”. 

IG: @reflective_coaching



Judie Hurtado

Judie is a healer and spiritual teacher with nearly 40 years of personal and professional experience. She has received extensive trainings & certifications in various healing modalities such as Subconscious Mind Transformation and is a Certified Intuitive Counselor & Certified Ordained Minister.

Judie is also a Reiki Master and infuses all of her work with this incredible healing energy. As a Kali Bruja and Priestess, she helps women connect to their own powerful intuition so that they make wise choices to create a life they truly love. She has supported thousands of clients online and in person through Intuitive Guidance sessions, Moon Blessings, Group Portals and Oracle Card readings. 

IG: @judiehurtadointuitive


Julie Aird

Julie is an inspirational speaker, an ICF-credentialed coach, a spiritual director, and the Founder of Julie Aird Life Coaching. She is also the host of the Heart-Led Living podcast. 

Driven by her own journey of finding fulfillment within, Julie works with highly sensitive women who have pursued happiness in their career, relationships and family, but are not feeling satisfied. 

Through powerful energetic and heart-led practices, inner child work, and mindset coaching, Julie’s clients experience a profound awakening to an abiding sense of peace and fulfillment within.




Linsey Moses Smith

Linsey is an intuitive author, artist, and Law of Attraction coach.  She began working with Energy and Angels in 2009 and has studied Law of Attraction in depth since 2011.  Her world opened up when she experienced a series of metaphysical experiences that her religious upbringing could not explain. 

Linsey helps spiritual seekers who are ready to see their challenges in a new way to shift their perspectives.  She is passionate about personal development, emotional intelligence, channeling and Human Design.

A former teacher at a triple-accredited school in the San Francisco Bay Area, she blends her Montessori training with spiritual concepts to help children & parents tune into their own intuition for joy and guidance. 

IG: @linsey.moses.smith

Mardalena Dawn Turpel

Mardalena is the owner-operator of Mardalena’s Massage in San Ramon, California. She is a Master intuitive massage therapist, podcast producer and host and award winning international best selling author of Lineage Speaks and Prosperity Codes.

In her 23 years of experience she has massaged over 9,000 bodies and she combines this experience with her vast knowledge of fascia and kinesiology to customize every massage session to tailor to her clients specific needs and goals.

She helps her clients living with chronic pain or discomfort, transform their relationships with their bodies from one of pain to one of pleasure. She believes it is never too late to change your story and reconnect to the divinity inside you.

IG: @mardalenadawnsmassage


Melissa Lambour

Melissa is a spiritual globetrotter that turned her wanderlust into her life’s work when she became a Reiki AstroGeo Guide and founded Cosmic Roadmap. She guides the endless wanderer to discover their place in the world with her signature Astrogeography sessions. Weaving together Reiki, Ayurveda and Astrogeography, she has helped digital nomads and avid travelers develop a Cosmic Roadmap that determines their next steps in life and business.  

She strives to serve people from all walks of life, especially individuals belonging to the 2SLGBTQIA+, BIPOC and immigrant communities that have felt out of place or called to travel the world. 

Tune into her travel podcast, Cosmic Roadmap.

IG: @melissalambour




Nicole Hanlon Reid

Nicole is a Mindfulness Master Practitioner, Emotional Well-being coach, and essential oil educator. She blends these modalities and her authentic living technique to empower busy working women to calm their nervous systems and tap into the present moment to activate emotional healing through the everyday chaos. Her clients release negative emotional patterns such as self-judgment and experience lasting shifts.

Nicole’s mission is to help more women embody authenticity, self-acceptance, and self-confidence, to create a lifestyle unique to their true desires. 

IG: @nicole_h.r







Suzanne Nichole Preston

Suzanne is the founder of Bliss in Chaos. Using movement, meditation and breath practices, Suzanne coaches time-limited individuals and those wanting to take ownership of their wellbeing to reconnect mind, body and spirit. She focuses on creating a strong, flexible body and a calm, clear and focused mind to enable clients to navigate the chaos of urban life & empower them to live with ease, power & fluidity.

Influenced by a life of dance, twenty two years teaching Yoga and Pilates, and a deep exploration of embodiment disciplines including Somatics, Chi Kung, and Kundalini technologies, she incorporates her wealth of knowledge in a very accessible way.

Suzanne is also an actor and is often working on creative projects. She is currently developing The Urban Alchemy program

IG: @suzanne_nichole_blissinchaos & @bliss_in_chaos


Tammy Braswell

Tammy is an international bestselling author, and is The Vibrational Goddess of Create By Vibration LLC. 

She supports emotionally, intuitively, and energetically sensitive women to heal their past and align with their soul’s truth so they clearly create the life THEY choose to be living now.

By helping her clients shift into higher vibrational frequencies, they create their desires quickly, easily, and in alignment with their soul's desired human journey.

Being sensitive to energy, spirits, and other planes of existence since she was a child, her work as an intuitive channel, high vibrational healer, Akashic Record expert, and Energetic Creation coach and teacher is the expression of her divine purpose.



Tara Haislip

Tara Haislip is a Lifestyle Wellness Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and the Founder of Grounded Energy111.

Over the past 5 years, Tara has been a confidant to high-level career women working to break free from going through the motions of their daily life by identifying key fears blocking them from achieving their dream life in career, finances, and relationships. She helps create a clear path for how to move forward so they can end the mundane daily cycle, come home to their authentic self and create a life worth living. 

Tara spent 15 years learning to reconstruct her own life after her dance career ended abruptly from injury.

IG: @groundedenergy111



Tera Namdeep Kaur

Tera is the Founder and CEO of Tera Namdeep SPC, a Social Purpose Corporation that focuses on people over profit. 

Tera Namdeep is a Certified Hellenistic Astrologer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Through these practices, she is able to connect with the Demi-Gods of the Stars and the Tattvas, also known as the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether (Spirit). 

It is in these ancient practices that all of Tera Namdeep’s lifelong learnings of esoteric arts culminated and she saw the need to help other spiritual seekers find a way to work through transits in their lives.  She helps her clients stop the mental chatter and get past their stopping points and fulfill or find their purpose in this lifetime.

IG: @teranamdeepkaur


Tish Meehan

Tish is a Transformational Soul Coach, Spiritual teacher and healer, and Divine channel.

Tish helps women who struggle with chronic overthinking, are emotionally repressed, and feel silenced to take off their masks and connect to their inner, sacred fire to embrace their spiritual gifts, heal their trauma, and fully embrace their spiritual path to liberation.

She believes that this is the time for the Divine Feminine to release deep seated wounding and barriers that keep women from healing themselves and the collective consciousness.

Tish is an international bestselling author for her work in Ignite Your Wisdom.

IG: @tishmeehan1111








Beth Tyson, Yacenia Crisostomo, Elizabeth Wendel


Jessica Hope, Ashley Abramson, Thu-ha Park


Sujeeta Elizabeth Menon, Deb Frank, Jess Hoeper


Dan Martin & Michael McKnight


Christina Broderick, Gilbert Domally, Cherish Fields


Meet the Publisher 

Bridget Aileen Sicsko is the founder of Exalted Publishing House, a podcast host and a visibility coach. She helps successful entrepreneurs stand out and be featured as leaders in their industry by sharing powerful stories, writing best-selling books and gaining global recognition. Bridget believes in the power of words, stories and voices to shift our view of reality, our potential and our purpose on the planet. In addition, she considers herself a master community builder and has gathered hundreds of female leaders in her online community, mastermind program, networking events, and women’s circles. Bridget also hosts a podcast, The Gathering MVMT, where she has interviewed over sixty entrepreneurs, TEDx speakers, authors, thought-leaders, and visionaries to discuss success consciousness, leadership, kundalini yoga, energetics, and quantum reality. Bridget has been featured in Authority Magazine, Women’s Business Daily, Thrive Global, The Medium, on Ticker News, News 12 New York and several podcasts. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and her border collie beagle, Finn.