Exalted Publishing House produces books that move hearts and minds.

We are an indie-book publisher + visibility accelerator for leaders, CEOS, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to get more eyes on their story.

A simple philosophy

Exalted Publishing House has a simple philosophy: change the world through words. Our aim is to work with a small number of entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses each year to uphold the highest standard of intimacy and personalization in the cathartic writing and publishing process. We mainly work in the realms of the alternative, disenfranchised & different by sharing stories that aren't always spoken through mainstream channels.


Corporate Books

We create multi-author books for business owners, CEOS and organizations to highlight the stories of their mission, brand, teams and employees.

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We work with 6 & 7 figures leaders, business owners, CEOS and visionaries who are looking to elevate their brand, gain global recognition & change the world through their words 

Multi-Author Books & Visibility Projects

We work with leaders and entrepreneurs who want to get featured in top tier publications and podcasts and share their story to elevate their brand.

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You don't need to have a huge Instagram following or be TikTok famous to share your story. 

 We love to highlight stories, experiences and moments that aren't considered MAINSTREAM. We welcome the alternative perspectives here at Exalted.


From Bridget:

Your voice and your story have the power to move mountains and touch hearts. 


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Past Books

We have worked with over 75 leaders to get their more eyes & ears on their brand.

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