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1. Services Provided:

Provider agrees to provide creative strategy support services ("Services") to Client as outlined in this contract. The Services include, but are not limited to, 3 1:1 public speaking sessions and review of speaking material/video.

2. Duration:

This contract shall include 3 sessions, commencing on the Effective Date and concluding after 3 sessions After the 3 sessions, this contract shall have the option to be continued on a session to session basis.

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During the term of this contract, Provider and Client agree to meet for 3 consultation sessions for 45-60 minutes.The specific dates and times of these sessions will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and may be adjusted with reasonable notice.

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There is no additional communication provided for the Client outside of the consulting sessions. 

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In consideration for the Services provided by Provider, Client agrees to pay a one-time fee of $997USD for the three sessions.

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Both parties acknowledge and agree that any information shared during the course of the Services, including but not limited to business strategies, creative ideas, and proprietary information, shall be treated as confidential. Neither party shall disclose, reproduce, or use such information for any purpose other than the execution of this contract.

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Public Speaking Support


  • Developing the core theme of your talk
  • Infusing supporting stories to drive your point home
  • Adding in supporting facts/quotes or other numbers
  • Feeling confident to present (we go over visual aids, breathing exercises and visualization practices to support you)
  • Actually practicing (practice makes PROGRESS which leads to "perfection")
  • Feeling flexible in your delivery (aka if you miss a point, you just keep going and feel ok to just speak)


  • Three, 1:1 sessions + you send me a practice video of you talking and I'll review it for you!

If you'd like to continue working together past our 3 sessions together, please let Bridget know.

What People Are Saying:

"Bridget is an absolute wonder and joy to work with on any and all projects. I found myself scheduling to work on branding ideas, presentation ideas, utilizing her expertise in speaking to an audience on zoom. The preparation exercises we went through to put me at a place of ease and comfort with my speaking topic were mind-blowing. We got to the root of my message, my audience and the heart of my brand...it was MAGIC. Bridget also cares about you as a person and feels like an extended part of my team. I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through the last three months without her. Don't waste another minute making a decision to work with her....she's a gift and I am so grateful!"

Kim A

My session with Bridget was outstanding. I came prepared with my big vision and the energy of my offering, but my messaging became infinitely more clear thanks to Bridget. She has a true gift for extrapolating the tangible content from your vision. If you’re struggling to articulate the magic of your work, Bridget is your person. Because she helped me create magnetic messaging, I’ve never been more confident in sharing my work. These sessions are a foundational component to a successful program launch, and I’m excited to work with Bridget again. She is a gem!

Melissa C