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There is a meditation and breath practice involved in this workshop. By purchasing this workshop, you choose to participate at your own risk. If you have any underlying health conditions, please consult your health care professional.

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Stop Dancing Around Your Dreams Workshop

The time is live the life is NOW. Your dreams, your goals, your hopes are READY for you.

This workshop will enable you to take aligned and empowered action steps towards your dreams.

Calling alll the ambitious...dreamers, healers, yogis, visionaries, thought-leaders, idea-holders. This workshop is about identifying your dreams, creating language patterns that support your dreams, speaking your dreams into existence, identifying blocks or forms of self-sabotage that "hold" you back and taking aligned action to make your dreams HAPPEN.

Let's start taking action.

What you'll get:

  • Strategies, Methods, Tools and Practices for Success and Action-taking
  • 2 Kundalini Practices to strengthen the navel center + believe in yourself
  • Prompts to identify your dreams, your perceived blocks, your forms of self-sabotage and your success patterns

Reminder:This is a replay of a pre-recorded, live workshop. Now you have the ability to stop and pause!

What People Are Saying:

“It was amazing energy. I needed that sacred space!”

Mel L

“Thank you beautiful. I was not going to, I felt so much resistance. Was feeling a bit anxious. And as soon as I realized I was dealing with resistance, I knew I needed to do it to shift the energy. It was lovely. Thank you!”

Nino F