Prosperity Codes

How to Attune to & Attract Wealth, Joy and Abundance

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What is this book about?

In this book, the authors explore the true meaning of PROSPERITY through their personal stories, beliefs, values, experiences and challenges.

The question these authors seek to answer is: "IS THERE MORE TO PROSPERITY THAN MEETS THE EYE"?

Webster’s dictionary defines prosperity as “the state of being prosperous.”
And prosperous: (adj.) as “having success; flourishing. Well-to-do; well-off. Propitious; favorable.”

Because how can prosperity really be understood by the definitions above if not in a relatable context. Prosperity is not a one-size-fits-all potion. It’s not something that you can bottle up for one person and say this is the end-all-be-all for another. That’s the magic of it, really.

The stories that you will read in this book meander through life experience, background, upbringing, jobs, careers, values and beliefs. The women each bring an unparalleled definition and understanding of abundance, prosperity, joy and wealth to the table. What we have come to acknowledge and realize is that everyone has their own unique “prosperity code”.


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Connect with the Prosperity Codes Authors

AlyseMarie Gallagher Warren

AlyseMarie is a Master healer and the go-to spiritual sidekick” for high level leaders. She helps high achieving women that have created 6 & 7 figure businesses to create safe spaces to rest, heal and process their success. AlyseMaries work is rooted in her connection to Mary Magdalene to provide intuitive guidance while her connection to Mother Gaia allows her to be the grounded, spiritual confidant. AlyseMarie is an Executive Chef in Chicago and lives in a cute eclectic bungalow with her artist husband, Spence, and their cat Kramer.









Andrea Blindt

Andrea is a registered nurse, holistic health practitioner, international best-selling author, and inspirational speaker who empowers others through her own personal healing journey. She helps her clients create wealth by amplifying their health. She supports patients as they discover ways to enhance prosperity in their lives by reclaiming their power; advocating for what is in their best interest, and learning the tools needed to be able to make decisions for themselves that are in alignment with their beliefs. This allows her patients to create abundance, experience tranquility, and live life with clear intention. Andrea has been featured on Natural Health Radio, Conceive IVF, multiple podcasts and publications, and is a contributing author for a parenting magazine. She lives in sunny California with her husband and four beautiful children. She loves being in nature, reading, and inspiring others to live their best life today.




Email: [email protected]

Donna Michelle Wren

Donna Michelle founded Empowered Meditation & Sound Healing in 2018 during the most dynamic transition of her adult life. As a lifelong teacher and learner, she began an accelerated journey of divinely guided learning. Her new path began with coaching then meditation, yoga, Reiki and ultimately, sound healing. In these few years, Donna has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, one-on-one, in small groups, large corporate, school groups and sports teams. She holistically combines all her training in each session as each person and group is beautifully unique. Through sharing her love and passion for meditation and sound healing and being witness to the peace it brings her clients, Donna is living her purpose.


Email:    [email protected]

IG:   @empoweredmeditation

FB  Empowered Meditation & Sound Healing with Donna Michelle




Jocelyn Chong

Jocelyn Chong is an Award Winning and  #1 International Best-Selling Author.  She is the CEO and Founder of Seed to Sequoia.  After a 20 year successful career in the banking and finance world where she generated over $200 million in revenue,  she quit corporate  to pursue her true passion as a Certified Life & Business coach. Utilizing her MBA plus her background in high level sales, leadership and management, she has now worked with over 500 entrepreneurs and teaches them how to earn with ease, attract their dream clients, and create a life by design. Her mission is to help business leaders tap into their soul’s calling and scale their business with feel good strategies & intuitive guidance. Jocelyn has been featured in Amazon, Thrive Global, Digital Journal, FOX,, The Times and Finance News World.


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Ka Ki Lee

Ka Ki Lee is the Creator of Unlimited Abundance Academy and the Host of The Awakened Feminine Podcast. She teaches busy women how to create money on the US stockmarket in less than 30 minutes per week regardless of market conditions. She is here to change the stockmarket landscape by bringing in intuition, feminine flow and a strategy and language that is easy to understand. 

Ka Ki became inspired to teach the strategy, mindset, and energy tools she used to replace her six-figure income as a Hospital Pharmacist Manager because she knew first-hand how exhausting it was to exchange time for money and this was a perfect way for busy women to create money effortlessly in minimal time!

Ka Ki is also a #1 International best-selling author and has featured in numerous podcasts.

Ka Ki lives in Perth, Western Australia with her husband Terry and two daughters Evelyn and Madeleine.




Kerri Scott

Kerri Scott is the founder of the Soul Selves Framework, helping individuals on an ascension path recognize themselves during their spiritual awakening.

A writer, designer, grief speaker, and thought leader, she is passionate about telling her story. Through her words, she creates a space for survivors of traumatic loss to be seen. 

Kerri has lived the pain of losing a loved one to suicide after their diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Her grief journey has become her spiritual journey and from her loss, she has discovered the power of self-love.

Featured on numerous podcasts, including Happiness Happens and The Finder of Lost Things, she has also been a guest blogger for the International Bipolar Foundation as well as other publications.

Kerri is currently working on her debut, solo book, Celebrate Your Grief, Transforming Your Loss into Self-Love.

She lives on Vancouver Island, in Canada with her husband and their two children.

Lisa Lorna Blair

Lisa Lorna Blair combines her love of the Law of Attraction, Gratitude and abundance with her passion for health, wellness and conscious living. 

A former journalist, editor, radio broadcaster and PR manager, she now spends her days inspiring others as a Manifestation Muse, Gratitude Goddess, Financially Free Female, Conscious Online Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Author, Queen of Positivity and High Vibes. 

Lisa is also a proud wife, mum, young grandma, empath, ambivert and friend.
She is at her happiest at the beach, or amongst the nature and birdsong on the dream property she and her soulmate husband manifested in beautiful Queensland, Australia.

Alcohol-free since August 2019 and a heart warrior since June 2021 (valve surgery), she fuels her cells with plant-based foods and drinks high vibe, organic ceremonial cacao and alkalised, ionised 9.5pH water while continuing to manifest her life by design with her global online community of conscious entrepreneurs.



Mardalena Dawn Turpel

Mardalena Dawn Turpel is a Master Intuitive massage therapist, the owner and operator of Mardalena’s Massage in San Ramon California and an award winning bestselling author. She specializes in Deep tissue and Neuro-muscular emotional release massage therapy. With her experience, knowledge and intuition, she works with her clients to bring relief from physical pain and release emotional trauma trapped in the tissues. She helps ease her clients into a relationship with their bodies from pain to pleasure. Mardalena has joyously spent her time practicing massage since 1999. She lives in Pleasanton Ca with her husband, their five boys and their cat, Jaspar.








Mary Gooden

Mary Gooden is CEO and founder of Divine Destiny Publishing and Soul Mastery Coaching. She believes that abundance thrives in your ability to remain aligned and authentic, which is a daily practice. Mary has studied and practiced Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Energy Harmonizing for almost twenty years. By taking an intuitive approach, she focuses on creating a space for clients to embody Soul-Mastery, a mentorship program that awakens you to your wholehearted mission. Mary supports conscious visionaries, leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs in becoming published authors by sharing their powerful message, story and mission on a global platform. She has contributed to six #1 International Bestselling titles, and is currently working on her contribution to a USA Today Bestselling series titled The Younger Self Letters. Divine Destiny publishing has created two #1 International Bestselling books the titled – Aligned Leaders & Wholehearted Leaders


 Instagram: @mjgooden76



Sara Garofalo

Sara Garofalo is a certified Intuitive Health and Life Coach, Certified Ayurveda Counselor, helping HSP women to get to the root cause of their weight gain and digestive issues, and break free from emotional pain through a mind-body-soul transformation. 


Thankful to her Italian upbringing, Sara's healthy recipes carry the knowledge and taste of the original Italian cuisine, while her knowledge in Ayurveda brings a totally holistic approach to her coaching practice. 

Sara’s goal is to help women break unhealthy patterns and become more intuitive about their body through a sustainable holistic approach. 

With her Intuitive Gifts and Healing sessions, Sara has been helping women heal from the deepest traumas and roadblocks stored in the body that are preventing women from becoming the healthiest version of themselves. 



Shirley Joffe

For the past 15 years, Shirley Joy Joffe has been a Master Healer, Teacher and Guide. 

Being the Creator of The Joyful Abundance Blueprint, Shirley uses her signature approach to empower spiritually conscious female entrepreneurs to unlock and amplify their natural intuitive powers and talents, so they can unapologetically create wealth and abundance with ease, joy and flow all on their own terms.

Having had success-driven careers in fitness and corporate industries which resulted in burnout, her journey of rediscovery led her to realise, that we all have a unique code for creating abundance in our lives and when we do it our way, we get to experience true joy. 

Which is why she recently moved to Australia to live her dream life with her family 

She is passionate about spreading her message and shares her ideas in her talks such as “The Art and Science of Receiving Joyful Abundance”. 


Tracey Rampling Brown 

Tracey Rampling Brown is a Certified Moonologer™, Moon Manifestation Coach, and founder of the Moon Manifestation Academy. Her mission is to help astro-curious, multi-passionate women reconnect with their intuition, harness the energetics of the lunar cycles and rebalance their divine masculine and feminine energies so they can ditch the outdated, burnout business paradigms, embrace ease and flow, and succeed on their own terms. 


Tracey supports her clients through monthly New and Full Moon circles, private readings, and coaching programs that help her clients become perfectly aligned to manifest their dreams and live vibrant, balanced, joy-filled lives they LOVE! 

An Aussie girl at heart, Tracey lives in glorious Italy with her husband, two children, and a Bengal cat named Maple. She has been featured on Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, appeared on several podcasts, and delivered keynote summit presentations. A passionate writer and international best-selling author, Prosperity Codes is her fourth book. 


Tricia McKenna

Tricia McKenna is an Arizona Real Estate Broker, the creator of “A Heart Grounded” Movement, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and an International Best-Selling Author.


Tricia offers Mentoring Services to people looking to change their daily habits and offers heart-centered Real Estate Services throughout the state of Arizona.

In 2014 Tricia was a recipient of the Top 40 under 40 Award from Young Professional Network for Realtors. 

Driven by her own journey, she is focused on empowering others to achieve their dreams, get unstuck, break destructive habits and patterns of their lives so they can experience financial freedom, self-expression, joy, and abundance. 

Whether it’s personal, business, or financial aspects of your life, Tricia incorporates birth charts, Kundalini yogic science, mediation, and energetic practices to help you achieve your dreams. 

Tricia currently resides in Arizona with her husband Paul and her Dog Rhea. She is a proud mom, wife, daughter, sister, and entrepreneur. 

Schedule a discovery call with her today!

Brigid Holder

7 x International Best-Selling Publisher and USA Today Best Selling Author Brigid Holder of The Art of Grace Publishing House, loves to push the boundaries of publishing.  Her literary prose spotlights empowerment, truth telling, and women breaking barriers.  She believes that stories have the power to impact and shift multi-generational patterns.  Her goal, collaborate with others in leaving a legacy that evokes heartfelt wisdom, honours bad-ass heroine’s, all the while cultivating a blazing literary trail for emerging authors to follow.  Most recently, a new collaboration digital Magazine, The Journey of Words, is shining a light on all things writing and publishing for our entrepreneurial publishing industry. When she is not publishing, Brigid can be found hiking and at her boys sporting meets, fostering her own empowerment, and watching her family create lasting memories, surely to later be found bound by a curated collection of words.







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Jessica Hope, Ashley Abramson, Thu-ha Park


Sujeeta Elizabeth Menon, Deb Frank, Jess Hoeper


Dan Martin & Michael McKnight


Christina Broderick, Gilbert Domally, Cherish Fields


Meet the Publisher 

Bridget Aileen Sicsko is the founder of Exalted Publishing House, a podcast host and a visibility coach. She helps successful entrepreneurs stand out and be featured as leaders in their industry by sharing powerful stories, writing best-selling books and gaining global recognition. Bridget believes in the power of words, stories and voices to shift our view of reality, our potential and our purpose on the planet. In addition, she considers herself a master community builder and has gathered hundreds of female leaders in her online community, mastermind program, networking events, and women’s circles. Bridget also hosts a podcast, The Gathering MVMT, where she has interviewed over sixty entrepreneurs, TEDx speakers, authors, thought-leaders, and visionaries to discuss success consciousness, leadership, kundalini yoga, energetics, and quantum reality. Bridget has been featured in Authority Magazine, Women’s Business Daily, Thrive Global, The Medium, on Ticker News, News 12 New York and several podcasts. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and her border collie beagle, Finn.