Have a completed, ready to publish manuscript but have no idea how a book actually comes together?

How do I get a cover designed?

How do I make it actually look like a book vs a word file?

What the heck is an epub file?

How do I measure a book's spine?

As an author, you have been focused on one thing. 

Writing your book.

Now you are at the stage of getting the book ready to be published, and are ready to outsource the work.

What We Do

  • Assign a Project Manager for all communication, submission and questions
  • Design your book cover (for both eBook and Print on Amazon KDP)
  • Design your book's interior (for both eBook and Print on Amazon KDP). We will provide 2 design styles for you to choose from.
  • Provide you drafts of the book cover and interior design. Client receives up to 3 revisions.
  • Deliver Cover PDF & JPG files as well as manuscript PDF & eBook files for you to upload to Amazon KDP. 
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We work with 6 & 7 figures leaders, business owners, CEOS and visionaries who are looking to elevate their brand, gain global recognition & change the world through their words 

What You Do

  • Provide our team with your finished, ready to publish manuscript. (We do not edit or proofread your manuscript for you)
  • Proofread your manuscript and have it edited by a professional (or hire someone from our team!)
  • Obtain a ISBN (We recommend Bowker Identifiers)
  • Supply our team with necessary information to kickstart your project. (ie. Author Image, Bio & Contact Links, Title, Subtitle, Book Description + Back Cover Text)
  • Communicate with our team about your design preferences for your Cover. (ie. fonts, color scheme, words to include, how to spell your name)
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$2499 USD

Extras & Add Ons

  • Want support with uploading your book on Amazon and choosing the best categories? $499
  • Need 1:1 consulting support to market your book, set up your book launch and sell more? Work 1:1 with EPH founder, Bridget Sicsko (3 month minimum) $2499
  • Need a line editor and proofreader? $50/hr
  • Need promotional graphics made for your launch? (We will create fb banner image, bestseller image, 3d book mockups - up to 20 in total) $399
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You don't need to have a huge Instagram following or be TikTok famous to share your story. 

 We love to highlight stories, experiences and moments that aren't considered MAINSTREAM. We welcome the alternative perspectives here at Exalted.


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From Bridget:

Your voice and your story have the power to move mountains and touch hearts. 


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We have worked with over 100 leaders to get their more eyes & ears on their brand. Our books have all hit best-seller on Amazon and 2 of them have won the International Impact Awards.

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