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The Gathering MVMT is a global movement of pioneers, way-showers, change-makers, CEOs, thought-leaders & just badass, spiritual humans from all different industries who are here to bring the power back to the people & usher in the Aquarian Age.

Who's been interviewed so far? - TedX Speakers - Doctors - Authors - Non-profit Founders - CEOs - Healers and Teachers - Yogic Scientists - Kundalini Yogis

"Revolutionizing the media, voices and information we consume."

This is a movement of thought-leaders, change-makers, visionaries positioned across all different industries from the healing arts to sustainable gardening, astrology to finance and so much more.  

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A little about me...

My name is Bridget Aileen Sicsko. I am the Founder of Exalted Publishing, a Podcast Host, Public Speaking/Live Video Coach & Kundalini Yoga Teacher. My mission is to amplify the voices of those who want to make a difference in the world.
After graduating college, I worked at Yelp for a year before quitting, traveling to Europe and becoming a yoga teacher. I have now been a coach for 3 years, teaching yoga for 4 years to veterans, autistic young adults & those in addiction, written in a best-selling book called Awakening and spoken at many virtual summits.

What People Are Saying...

Charlotte B

"I have listened to many of your interviews and you are a natural, you are an amazing interviewer. So inspiring, supportive, and loving and you ask such profound questions and you have also such great insights and wisdom."

Michael OB

What a beautiful podcast. Love the energy, guests and hopefulness. I feel better after every listen.


Tim S

A great podcast by a young woman who is ahead of her time, working to bring about the intersectionality of modern medicine, alternative medicine, eastern and western philosophies, mental wellness, etc. She is the future. 👍