I'm Bridget Aileen

Speaker, Yoga Instructor, Co-Founder of Visibility on Purpose & serial entrepreneur.


Welcome to my online world!

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I'm Bridget Sicsko!


Speaker, Yoga Instructor & Co-Founder of Visibility on Purpose

Welcome to my online world!



I'm Bridget 

During my most formative and awkward years (cough cough, middle school), I was diagnosed with lyme disease—which gifted me the opportunity to study various modalities to aid in my healing process.

Holistic nutrition, Ayurveda, Yoga, the subconscious mind, mental health and patterns/cycles became some of my favorite fields of study.

As a natural born communicator for as long as I can remember (yup, public speaking was one of my favorite subjects in school), I decided to share everything I was learning with the world—first through workshops, my social media channels and eventually schools, students and organizations.

Now, I get to do what I love—speak, teach and bring like-minded humans together.  

Beyond speaking, I also run a business called Visibility on Purpose, a media training school focused on PR and Media Exposure Strategies for online business owners.

When I'm not obsessing over all things business, I'm teaching yoga, running up mountains, signing up for races, brewing up some herbal concoction or hiking with my hubby and dog.


Here's What We Can Do Together

Speaking | Workshops. As a natural born communicator, I love to bring information, excitement and passion to events, conferences or workshops through speaking and workshops. I always joke that there are two parts of me—"spiritual, mental fitness and advocate for the natural world Bridget" and "business Bridget". You can catch me speaking, hosting events and facilitating workshops from England to Florida to New Jersey. If you'd like a speaker for your events, please learn more about my experience here.

Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation. Since 2016, I've been teaching yoga for all different types of populations—from Autistic young adults to those in alcohol/drug recovery programs to veterans to business owners and everyone in between. I've taught thousands of classes and worked with over 5,000 people through my meditation, yoga and workshop classes. 

I'm available for events, corporate wellness classes, PD days and retreats. Click here for more info.

Email me at [email protected]

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What they say....

Alyssa C, County College of Morris

“The real, and raw conversation that Bridget had with our members shed a different light on how to operate in this world and the feeling that change is okay. From the moment she started speaking, you can tell how professional and passionate she was about personal wellness and mindset when entering business as an entrepreneur. What we enjoyed most was Bridget sharing her personal climb in her life and the highs and lows that can occur. Bridget unmasked what some people don't always share about being self-made and the struggles that can come with it, but despite the lows, there is always hope with hard work and being in tune with your personal goals all around. Thank you Bridget for sharing your story, wisdom, and encouragement.

Martina K

I just wanted to thank you cause your talk was so amazing and so on point. I'm still thinking about it and just wanted to let you know how I am in awe of you because there aren't enough people like you out there.