I'm Bridget Aileen


Speaker, Publisher, Co-Founder of Visibility on Purpose, Brand Strategist for CEOS, Founders and Creative Minds.


Welcome to my online world!

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I'm Bridget Sicsko!


Speaker, Co-Founder of Visibility on Purpose, Brand Strategist for CEOS, Founders and Creative Minds.


Welcome to my online world!


I support founders, CEOS and creative small business owners

to package their genius

through Books, PR and Media exposure (Visibility on Purpose), and workshop facilitation.


I'm Bridget 

What most people loathe, I seem to love. I've been a natural born communicator for as long as I can remember, and yup, public speaking was one of my favorite subjects in school.

I've transformed that passion (and love for messaging, marketing, persuasion and teaching) into all the ways I help founders and CEOS like you.

And I'm not one to shy away from organization, you can usually find me using Notion (to organize all things business), and I've been known to create Notion templates for companies I work with.

Ever since opening my publishing company in 2020, I found that I have a knack for channeling my word-smithing skills into done-with-you services like publishing, book marketing, speaking training and brand strategy consulting.

Beyond running my own company, I also run a business called Visibility on Purpose, a media training school focused on PR and Media Exposure Strategies for online business owners.

When I'm not obsessing over all things business, I'm teaching yoga, brewing up some herbal concoction or trail running with my hubby and dog.


Here's What We Can Do Together

Publishing and Book Marketing Services. Since 2020, I've worked with over 200 authors to bring their ideas to reality with published books. We take finished manuscripts and design incredible covers, interiors and help you publish and promote your book. You will work with Bridget directly.

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Speaking | Workshops. As a natural born communicator, I love to bring information, excitement and passion to events, conferences or workshops through speaking and workshops. I always joke that there are two parts of me—"spiritual, mental fitness and advocate for the natural world Bridget" and "business Bridget". You can catch me speaking, hosting events and facilitating workshops from England to Florida to New Jersey. If you'd like a speaker for your events, please learn more about my experience here.

Brand Architecture. This is for you when your message is feeling outdated, stale and in need of a major glow-up. You might be pivoting the brand, in the midst of a full on rebrand (yup, you're likely working with a graphic designer too), and you want to make sure the next iteration of the brand is FIRE. You know how to run a successful business, and you're ready for someone (cough, cough—me) to come in and extract the magic of your message into something that turns heads and moves hearts.

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Public Speaking Training. Do you have an upcoming talk, interview or presentation—and you feel like you might barf, stutter like no one's business or completely make a fool of yourself? Let's chat. Also...could your team up the ante by becoming better communicators? Would they nail more presentations to investors, leads and potential clients if they were more confident speakers? Let's talk about opportunities for 1:1 Founder trainings as well as team trainings. (Remote or Northern NJ In Person)

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Visibility on Purpose. The conscious CEOs essential roadmap for landing BIG media features that generate a constant stream of leads and dream-worthy opportunities!

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What they say....


Jodie Stirling

Working one on one with Bridget has been a game-changer for me and my business. In just a short few months, I have experienced a transformation that has brought my business a newfound direction, structure, strategy and enhanced visibility. I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable this experience has been for me as an entrepreneur. Having Bridget as my marketing strategist, email copywriter and right hand person has proven to be priceless. Her guidance, support, and expertise have propelled my business in ways I couldn't have achieved alone. From the very start, Bridget understood my vision and goals, and she helped me strategize and implement practical steps to achieve them. She helped me define my long-term objectives and break them down into achievable milestones. She is patient with me and my tech skills and is very clear in explaining the next steps.

Kim A

Bridget is an absolute wonder and joy to work with on any and all projects.  I found myself scheduling at least twice a month to work on branding ideas, presentation ideas, utilizing her expertise in speaking to an audience on zoom.   The preparation exercises we went through to put me at a place of ease and comfort with my speaking topic were mind-blowing.   We got to the root of my message, my audience and the heart of my brand...it was MAGIC.   Bridget also cares about you as a person and feels like an extended part of my team.   I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through the last three months without her.  Don't waste another minute making a decision to work with her....she's a gift and I am so grateful!