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"You have literally given me so many ideas already just in this little conversation...thank you so much for helping people succeed.. You are a jewel and very rare... I am Glad I came upon you..I was lost a little at what I was doing, and at times it becomes overwhelming.. But talking to you has given me the strength to push through the anxiety that I feel and Do my best."
The program led by Bridget was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Being a successful entrepreneur can be an amazing but also very lonely experience. I no longer feel alone. Being able to deep dive into myself in the safe container Bridget provides is priceless. The growth I have experienced In 3 months is Incredible. Thank you Bridget for providing a safe space for us to be our authentic selves.
I can not say enough wonderful things about Bridget and the Soulful essence experience. It truly changed my life in the most positive and magical way. I came in one way and came out this glowing light, with clarity. Ready to take on the world, stand in my worth, and follow my dreams.I came into this experience with low self worth around jobs, my ability to perform, my talents and my direction and life.
Through working with Bridget I was able to rid of all limiting beliefs and stories I had been telling myself. I began to recognize any negative self talk I was having. I came out of this experience with a new job, a new business venture, a sisterhood, a love for meditation and kundalini, a love for myself. Bridget has given me the fire to live again. To experience life, to go out of my comfort zone, and has shown my the value of a community