I'm Bridget!

New Jersey Speaker, Dog Mama, Podcaster, Yoga Teacher and Business Owner


Let's Get To Know Each Other

Hey I'm Bridget!

...and I'm fascinated with human potential, mental endurance, perception and wellness.

In my mid teens, I dealt with health complications as a result of Lyme disease which led me on a journey of learning about holistic nutrition, Ayurveda, yoga, the subconscious mind and other modalities that support optimal living.

Since becoming a yoga instructor in 2016, I've taught thousands of classes and worked with over 5,000 individual across diverse populations—from Autistic young adults, those in drug/alcohol recovery, veterans, business owners and everyday people.

Since I was a kid, I've always loved asking people questions.

I wanted to know who they were and how they got there—to try to "make sense" of their place in the world.

Because of my deep quest for knowledge, I've had 3 podcasts where I've gotten to interview close to 400 people since 2018.
When I'm not having fun working on my business projects or speaking, I'm trail running with my hubby, walking the dog, planting in the garden or whipping up something amazing in the kitchen.

"Bridget provided an amazing experience for our students. Bridget's enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, and demeanor enabled her to connect with both our experienced students and those that had never done Yoga before. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She is an excellent teacher and has an exercise approach that can be done by any level or age. Thank you for turning Roxbury's students on to the benefits of Yoga!"

—Stuart Mason, Director of Athletics & Student Activities - Roxbury High School

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