Bridget Aileen Sicsko

Founder of Exalted Publishing House, Podcast Host, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Visibility Strategist

The world needs to hear your message.

I help 6 & 7 figure female business owners, CEOS, entrepreneurs & organizations write best-selling books, craft their brand story, sell out their programs and master their messaging.

I help you get present, channel your message and confidently articulate your story to gain global recognition.

My Story


I am the founder of Exalted Publishing House, a Podcast Host, Dog Mom, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Visibility Coach.

I had a massive awakening during my teen years when I was healing from Lymes Disease. I went to doctor after doctor and felt like I wasn't being "heard" as I started to connect the dots of how all aspects of our body are inter-related.

I made it my mission to make sure that no one else ever feels not seen or heard as they share their truth.

I work with female entrepreneurs, leaders and large-scale organizations to produce books that represent truth and sharing powerful stories. We work with a focus on story-telling, visibility and getting media coverage. 

As a yogi and someone who is fascinated with the study of SOUND, I firmly believe in the power of words, stories and voices to shift the way we view reality, our potential and our purpose on the planet.

In addition, my focus is on community. I like to call myself a master community builder as I have gathered hundreds of female leaders in my online community, mastermind program, networking events & women's circles.

My love child is my podcast called She Builds Empires where I get to have earth-shattering conversations with 6, 7, & 8 figure women business owners to hear their story and who they are beyond the empire. 

Uncertain times call for empowering voices to be heard. My overall vision is to disrupt the anxiety-provoking, fear based media stories we are familiar with by broadcasting global messages of empowerment and hope.

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