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I help 6 & 7 figure female business owners, CEOS & entrepreneurs how to write best-selling books, craft their brand story, sell out their programs and master their messaging.

I help you get present, channel your message and confidently articulate your story to gain global recognition.

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Bridget Aileen Sicsko helps successful entrepreneurs standout and be featured as a leader in their industry.


Founder of Exalted Publishing House, Bridget's mission is to amplify the voices of successful entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their businesses. In addition, she hosts a 60+ episode podcast called The Gathering MVMT where she interviews powerful leaders, TedX Speakers, doctors, non-profit founders and pioneers who are here to leave a positive mark on humanity. Uncertain times call for empowering voices to be heard. Bridget's overall vision is to disrupt the anxiety-provoking, fear based media stories we are familiar with by broadcasting global messages of empowerment and hope.


Bridget has been featured in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, The Medium, on Ticker News & News 12 New York. In addition, she has spoken at the She Can Brand Conference, virtual summits like One Women International and wrote in the best-selling book called Awakening - Meet The Women Birthing A New Earth.


She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Eric, and border-collie beagle, Finn.
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