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Bridget Aileen Sicsko helps successful entrepreneurs standout and be featured as a leader in their industry.


Founder of Exalted Publishing House, Bridget's mission is to amplify the voices of successful entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their businesses. In addition, she hosts a 40+ episode podcast called The Gathering MVMT where she interviews powerful leaders, TedX Speakers, doctors, non-profit founders and pioneers who are here to leave a positive mark on humanity. Uncertain times call for empowering voices to be heard. Bridget's overall vision is to disrupt the anxiety-provoking, fear based media stories we are familiar with by broadcasting global messages of empowerment and hope.


Bridget has been featured in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, on Ticker News, News 12 New York, numerous 5 star podcasts and has created 100s of videos for her Youtube channel, growing Facebook Groups and Instagram. In addition, she has spoken at virtual summits like One Women International and wrote in the best-selling book called Awakening - Meet The Women Birthing A New Earth.


She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Eric, and border-collie beagle, Finn.
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