Speak to your dream clients

Founders, it's time for a brand messaging glow-up!

Let's Work Together

Speak to your dream clients

Founders, it's time for a brand messaging glow-up!



A sexy, refined brand message sets the tone for the entirety of your business.

and of course, translates to more sales (an aligned message brings an aligned customer).


duh, I know you know this. but is yours outdated and attracting the wrong leads as result?

Has your message or brand story become a watered down version of who you were when you started your biz?

Are you asking yourself, "How do I position myself to standout from competitors in my industry?"

hey, I've got you.

I'm Bridget...

Trail runner, gardener, dog mom and a coffee loving New Jersey gal. I'm also a former publisher (so I know a thing or 2 about words) turned Brand Message Strategist and Consultant, podcast host, international speaker and Co-Founder of another company called, Visibility on Purpose.

Basically, I'm here to take your 2am brain blasts and messy, creative thoughts and help you transform your ideas into the core message of your business. Think of me as the extractor of your message so you can go on doing what you do best—running your business, working with clients, managing your team and enjoying your life.


OK, here's the lowdown...

You're prob feeling....


In the weeds. You're a freaking rockstar, and you probably know it. You've grown your business to the point people literally dream (or journal) about. You're doing the damn thing. Working with clients, maybe managing your team, ya know—running the business. You're in it. When's the last time you zoomed out and looked at the overall message of your company? 

Time is of the essence. Since most of your days are spent with clients or advising, you don't have all day to sit at the computer watching another kajabi course on "growing your business." You need an extractor and strategist at this point to help you articulate the new vision of your company.

Ultimately, you desire to have someone come in and extract this new vision of your brand and company for you

That's why I'm here.


The Nitty Gritty.

Brand Architecture

OverĀ 2 sessionsĀ together we analyze, reconstruct and architect the new vision for your brand.Ā 

If you're reading this, you're likely in 1 of these situations...

A successful business owner

You know what it feels like to grow something to a successful place, but you're ready to something new. You might be launching a new course, a new product or starting a new business from scratch. 

In need of a glow up &  makeover

The biz is thriving. You've been working in it and not on it. You've potentially been attracting the wrong client and leaving your dream clients running to someone else because your message is outdated and stale.



Give words, shape and structure to your business!



Here's How We Work Some Magic Together

The Process


Submit Payment + Schedule Your Calls

Once you submit your payment of $2997USDĀ , you will head over to the calendar to schedule your calls. In addition, you will be added to a Slack channel so we can communicate between all calls. Have a question around your own timeline? Something big coming up and you're in crunch time? Shoot me an email: [email protected]

ONE (90 Minute Strategy Call)

Brand Analysis & Brand Differentiation

This is where we go over your business (or new idea) in depth. Think deep dive—what do you do, brand summary, target market, offers | products and goals. 

This is where we look at, you guessed it—what makes your brand (or new idea) unique. We perform a SWOT Analysis and pull out some of the unique differentiators to make your brand standout (even if it's a crowded marketplace).

After this session, you will receive a Brand Bible.

What The Heck is a Brand Bible?

Brand Bible

A brand bible serves as an internal and external communication tool for business owners, teams, contractors and all members of an organization. These will help a brand stay consistent across all communication channels, socials and within the organization. We recommend that a brand bible is updated once per year as the business evolves and grows.

Think of this as an inside look into your brand. It will include your overall brand message, brand positioning, your SWOT analysis and is great for onboarding new team members and as a touch-point for all projects moving forward.

TWO (90 Minute Strategy Call)

Brand Implementation

This is where we look at how to integrate your new vision and message into your business. You will leave this session with clear-cut next steps to implement yourself or delegate to your team.


Calls + Slack

AfterĀ your 2 sessions, you will have me Mon-Fri on Slack forĀ 30 days for all additional questions, messy thoughts and creative ideas.

Most clients use Slack in these ways:

  • Ask questions related to previous conversations (ie. What do you think about implementing this strategy to launch my next consulting offer?)
  • Audit Websites and Socials (Post your latest web pages in the slack channel. I will review them for brand consistency and give suggestions.)
  • Brainstorm New Ideas
  • RefineĀ Brand Bibleā€”This is a working document.


What they say....


Melissa Chernow

Founder of Cardinal Publishing House

My session with Bridget was outstanding. I came prepared with my big vision, but my messaging became infinitely more clear thanks to Bridget. She has a true gift for extrapolating the tangible content from your vision. If you’re struggling to articulate the magic of your work, Bridget is your person. Because she helped me create magnetic messaging, I’ve never been more confident in sharing my work. These sessions are a foundational component to a successful program launch, and I’m excited to work with Bridget again. She is a gem!

Daniel Gibson

Founder of The Coherence Club, Nashville

"Bridget's guidance with my brand and messaging has been a huge boost to get my start-up off the ground. Her help has gotten me really excited about this business."

Kim Adams

Executive Recruiter & Speaker

"Bridget is an absolute wonder and joy to work with on any and all projects. I found myself scheduling to work on branding ideas, presentation ideas, utilizing her expertise in speaking to an audience on zoom. The preparation exercises we went through to put me at a place of ease and comfort with my speaking topic were mind-blowing. We got to the root of my message, my audience and the heart of my brand...it was MAGIC. Bridget also cares about you as a person and feels like an extended part of my team. I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through the last three months without her. Don't waste another minute making a decision to work with her....she's a gift and I am so grateful!"