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Personal Life Topics

  • What's Possible for You?—And How to Reignite Your Creativity and Live a more Inspired Life
  • Ayurveda, Food and The Seasons—How to eat, live and work with the seasons
  • Nourish Mind, Body and Soul—Looking at holistic nutrition through the lens of Ayurveda

Business Topics

  • PR and Visibility for Founders and CEOS—How to Land Media Features Without Paying a Publicist
  • PR for Authors—How to Get your Brand (and Book!) Noticed
  • Business is a Marathon and Not a Sprint—How Long Term Strategies Set Business Owners Up For  Bigger Rewards
  • Sales and Storytelling—How to infuse stories into your content, sales process and brand to sell more
  • Mental Endurance—and how the athlete mentality translates to business

Here are some of my favorites.


Brain Force Summit—Event MC

Ft. Jim Kwik and Dr. John Lieurance

Sarasota, FL

Good Morning Arizona

National Writing Day

Women's Health Summit

Sarasota, Florida

Jefferson Township Middle School

Positivity Day—600 Students

UK Positivity Summit

Dorset, England

NJ Women's Entrepreneurship Summit

Parsippany, New Jersey

USA Positivity Summit

Whippany, New Jersey

Yoga and Wellness Event

High Bridge, NJ


What is Creativity?

USA Positivity Summit

How to Create Long-Standing Changes That Don't End After 2 Weeks

County College of Morris

Entrepreneurship Talk—NJ

Wellness Voice

Riding the Emotional Waves of Entrepreneurship

TV Recording—Event MC

Cornell Thomas' TV Recording Live Event

a little about me...

I'm Bridget...

Trail runner, gardener, dog mom and a coffee loving New Jersey gal. I'm also a former publisher (so I know a thing or 2 about words) turned Speaker, podcast host and Co-Founder of another company called, Visibility on Purpose.

I've spoken at events and on stages from Florida to England and many places in between.


Over the years, I've spoken on topics related to...

Human Potential, Health, Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Mental Endurance, PR and Yogic Teachings.


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